Autumn | Part II

The autumn season started pretty late this year. Normally, the first low pressure systems arrives in October. However this year was different. End of October / beginning of November it was a little bit colder than usual, but than - with the arriving and never ending low pressure system - in mid of November the temperatures went up again and we gained some sweet session at the Baltic Sea.

I really enjoy my new wave board. It is so radical and it feels just was one of the best decisions this year for me in windsurfing. I already found myself a little bit tired of the season, of windsurfing, of pushing (myself) so much and getting so less in reward. So, it sounds a little bit pathetic, but I have fallen in love again with the waves and windsurfing..haha...just worry less, do more of what you love! 

As the time is flying by, Claudius returned from his trip to Cape Town and we have already celebrated St.Nikolaus day in really good company enjoying country life. So, I am pretty happy with autumn and I am thankful to know being surrounded by such great people.