August 2017..and the world keeps turning

Time is an illusion. You can measure it with watches, but you cannot slow it down or stop it. It is ticking and ticking and sometimes it is too fast for you. A day feels like a week and a week feels like a month and a year can become a decade. Sometimes people have to go through things within weeks, others will not be able to handle in years. I salute those people: there mind is stronger and they are more rooted than most of us will ever be. They still can see a glimp of light in the darkest of all days.

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Gym mode 2.0 - getting ready for the PWA

The PWA event in El Medano is just around the corner and besides all those emotional things happening around me, I try my best to get fit and ready for the competition - got a new training schedule and focused more on my jumping.

I am now training regularly at HHometown fitness, a small and personal gym owned by Joe. He is really motivated in pushing my fitness level to increase my windsurfing level. If there is no wind, it is great to workout. It really helps to get more power, balance and springiness on the water and it frees my mind. Well, a session on the water can never be replaced by something off water, but one can easily overcome the time inbetween the next sessions. If you are in Hamburg and want to train specifically for windsurfing, you should pay Joe a visit.

As you easily can read between the lines, July was not that windy due to the inconsistent weather situation. Still, we had some good days, but it would have been great to surf more, especially as I really become nervous before competition.

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