X-Mas time and end of the year!

Different than last years, the December was less windy and started pretty cold. Actually, I did not mind, since I booked a yoga detox retreat with makaiyoga at the Beach Motel in Sankt Peter-Ording. Like last time, Katie joined, too and we had a great time with lots of yoga and a perfect sunny beach day. With X-Mas coming closer, the wind picked up a little bit and we scored some freestyle sessions. Oh, and I invited some of my closest friends to belately party my birthday. It was so cool to see how many people found some time to come over to Hamburg and visit such an odd fish like me..haha. Even one of my longest and best friends from home Flo and Caro, came all the way up to Hamburg for one evening and also Stefan left his little island to pay a visit. I am a lucky and privileged girl!

Just in time, I got all X-Mas presents finished and went home for some days. It was good to see everybody again. Even so, there are rumours saying that the food might have convinced me to stay a little bit longer. I am not sure about it. I guess it was more or less the little sausage dog with her exorbitant interest in good stories and food and her owners.

Claudius and I ended the year pretty spontaneous, but epic. We drove up to klitmöller on Friday 30th, stopped in Flensburg to pick up some fins and good cheese(yummy!), arrived at night, had breakfast at the beach and surfed 2-3 h. Sitting in the van and seeing the sun going down around 3:30 pm, we did not really know what to do with ourselves and decided to drive back home and enjoying New Year`s eve with good friends. The first day of 2017 was celebrated with a quick freestyle session. Puuh...I guess, that must seem a pretty intense weekend for most other people, but I cannot see anything wired in it or should I? Just do what makes you happy!

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Autumn Part III: need for sun and wind...

After a pretty long no-wind period, the November ended pretty nice windsurfing-wise. In the meantime, it got way colder, Trump was voted as president-elect - which made it feel much colder - and people are still not stopping to act like crazy in every part of the world. I do not know what it`s wrong in some guys head. Anyway, I do not want to get too political on my blog. That would lead way too far.

This year this Sylt flew never really left me. Really...after feeling ok again and going back to the gym, I am right back coughing the next day. I feel like the guy in "Groundhog Day" this autumn. So, I am not surfing longer than 1-2h, because I do not want to get too cold. This year, I am so much looking forward to our Cape Town trip, since it is so cold already and I am really looking forward to have a great time with my best friends over there!

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