Kruger National Park

Somewhere in January Stefan told me that he is planning another Safari Trip to Kruger National Park and I spontaneously joined, since I just extended my trip until end of February and I really wanted to see more of this great country. We stayed for 4 days in the park and explored pretty much of the park. Seeing a rhino with a baby and a big leopard were the greatest sightings. We arrived at Malelane Gate and stayed at Biyamiti Bushcamp for the first night before driving further North via Lower Sabie to Talamati Bushveld Camp, which was the base for the next days. Driving around we eye witnessed rangers searching for poacher, which immediately showed us how serious the situation for the rhinos is. There ar only 3000 left and approximately every day one rhinos is killed for his horn. So, if the poaching is not stopped, we will witness the extinction of this beuatiful animals within the next years.


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Starting 2019 in Cape Town

After some pretty tough months, where I did not sail much and hardly enjoyed it, I and Claudius took the plane to Cape Town. Together with the "unicorn mafia" (actually, we had no unicorn for the pool, but a flamingo) we spend the xmas holidyas down South windsurfing, eating, windsurfing, snorkeling with seals, hicking, more eating, wine tasting and all the great things you regularly do, when you are in Cape Town. One special for sure was the trip to the seal island with, where we snorkeld with seals. They even wanted to play with us, which was sometimes a little bit 'scary' when they swim towards you with their mouth open showing their small teeth. Nevertheless, that was a great experience.

Hiking Table Mountain was also somehow great, but also pretty tough (especially for the mind)...we walked up starting in Kirstenbosch Garden, which is a beautiful trail with lots of trees and flowers. However, when approaching the top, the weather shifted and we could hardly see. The seight was only 2m and it was stormy. So, we could not see the trail and had to follow our intuition and also google maps in order to not get lost. Still a great experience, when you know you can handle such a situation. The wine on Vergelegen afterwards was well deserved and compensated that hike at least a little bit.


This year, we also discovered some other windsurfing spots at the westcoast, which allowed us to surf aside from the crowds. One spot brought us through dunes to the a remote beach with great conditions. We got stucked in the sand twice, but luckily (with the help of some nice people) we manged to get out of it. So, if you ever aim to drive dirtroads behinds dunes, take a 4x4 - a rear wheel drive and flattend tires might not be sufficient.


After everybody flew back to the cold, I stayed. Since I have some more time off, I decided to extend my trip and travel a bit. First, I will join a tour to Kruger National Park.


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