Summer time II / Back on the water

After coming home from Tenerife, I took some time out of the gym and out of the water.

2.5 weeks after my crash, we went to Denmark. I did not ment to windsurf, but I could not stay at the beach. The conditions were just perfect. So, I went out and had one of my best sessions ever. I could not surf that long and jumping was painful. In fact, it was even painful to surf on choppy water. So, we decided to surf at the fish factory, were the waves are nicely ordered. It was a great weekend seeing so many friends :)


The week after, I slowly started to go to the gym again and did a lot of yoga. Since I struggled with my back the next days, I did not go to the water until the next weekend. We had a great timing and had an awesome freestyle session at the "Priel". I nearly did my first E-Slider. To be honest, Freestyle was even worser for my back than choppy water. So, again I realized, that my mind is stronger than my body. I took it slowly, did some more yoga, went to gym and visited my home town. Since my back muscle is getting stronger every week, we went to Rügen last weekend, where we scored some nice conditions. Here, I had the best jumping session since months. I felt quite ok, so I trained on my jumping again. That was really good for my self-conficence. Next week, the PWA competition at Westerland/Sylt starts. I am looking forward to go there, but I know, that I am still not 100%ly back on track. Before, I will have another check-up. So, fingers crossed, that things are going the right way :) 


In the end, such accidents are never as bad as they might seem. Stupid things are always good for something else. Now, I feel much more connected to the ocean, to life and to the fact, that you have to love and live every sigle day. And it also shows you on which people you can count on. It might be hard to lose some, but it also opens your heart to others. 

Thanks again for all the support! I think, you know who you are :)