Happy New Year...summaryzing 2014

Well, 2014 is coming to an end. As I am writting this, I am on my way to Northern Denmark to celebrate the New Year with friends, some wind and for sure some waves. The forecast looks brilliant. Well, it is somehow great to finish the year and start the new one with something, which means so much for me. Being in the water and close to nature calms you down and makes you feel happy.

On the wall of the yoga class room it is written: live, laugh, love..that is somehow pathetic, but sums it up in three basic words. Live..you should always make the best out of every day. That is what I realized in the past years and after my accident in Tenerife I realized that one stupid thing can really change your life completely. For me, everything went quite fine again. My back is still hurting sometimes, but the muscles are getting stronger and stronger. This year, I was more focused than ever. One year ago, I started to go to the gym 3-4 times per week and went once every week to yoga class. As it was not enough, I had a coach 1-2 times per month, who really helped me a lot. This year I laughed a lot and I deeply loved what I did. Doing everything with great patience and staying focused was my key for 2014. I ended up in 7th place at the PWA in Tenerife, eventhough I am working full-time and have to train at the weekends, after work or even before work (Yes...the gym opens early ;). Lately, I read some sentences from Taty Frans "When people walk away, let them. Your future is not about people who walk away, it's about the people who stay in it and enjoy the ride ". Well....true words. I realized, that some people would never fight as much for you as you would for them. Live changes, the point of view changes and sometimes it is better to leave a part of your live behind to start a new episode. Live is like a wave. There are ups and downs. In the end, it is just important to enjoy the ride. Thanks to my family and my friends for all your help, support and love this year. And thanks to my sponsors Sailloft, Patrik and ION, who let me enjoy my ride to the fullest. See you in 2015!