More water time and a new sponsor..

Time is flying this year. I am windsurfing, doing fitness and yoga most of my freetime. It is really crazy how one can develop into such a fitness-junkee, but I like it. If there is no wind or no waves, it is another good thing to free your mind of useless stress and nonsene. However, this year I think the meaning of weekend has to be redefined. For me it is just: waves, wind and Denmark! Packing the car on Thursday evening and driving straight up after work on Friday, meeting and surfing with friends and coming back on Sunday night. But it is all worth it. One solid wave and all the driving is forgotten. I think, I am improving constantly on the water and I am really looking forward to test this soon. There are some new adventures on the way. Let´s see, if all the training payed off!

Besides, I am also pretty happy and stoked to announce that I will be joining the Maui Ultra  Fins-Team. I already had the oppurtunity to test them on my PATRIK t-wave 72l and I immediately fell in love with them: they just give me such an extra amount of speed and manoeuvrability!