Summer on the Canaries | Part II

After 10 days back in Germany, Claudius and I flew back to the Canaries. This time, we went to Tenerife for the 2015 PWA event. I wanted to go back to the place, where I have hurt my back so bad last year. Kerstin and Diana travelled with us, so I had a big support team ;)

I needed some time until I could surf more confident near the rocks. I think by the end of the event I finally managed to do this. I had some bad heats and some good ones. Bad in that way, that I did not know what the judges wanted to see. I thought I was doing well in my first heat, but was told by the judges afterwards I did not. Guess they were more interested in doing one turn on a big wave than doing more on a couple of turns on smaller ones. Well, did much better in the double and ended up in 9th position, which is quite ok. I was pretty impressed by the jumping and waveriding skills of the girls. The level is getting better and better! Wow! Steffi was killing it on the waves again. I really like her waveriding-style. Lina had also pretty good jumps and waves, but was unlucky to be sick during the double. Despite that she still surfed pretty well. 

Additionally, I was happy to see Flo climbing up in the double to end up in 9th position! Respect! Well deserved, mate! 

Next to the competition, we discovered the area around El Teide and ate nearly all kind of Tapas we could get in El Medano. I think, we all had a good time and I definitively  was able to gain my confidence back myself and the spot.