End of the year | Cape Town part I

As the year is passing by and close to end, it is always time for heading home. Going home means looking for a nice tree in the forest, hanging out with the small barking guy, eating a lot and seeing the family again. This year it was similar, but a little bit more stressful for me, since I was flying to Cape Town on 25th of December. Xmas was nice as always. The dog fell asleep in the xmas paper and everybody ate to much..just classic... 


The flight to CT was a little bit special. During the first part of the flight to Istanbul, we had to suffer of a small narcistic child being absolutely unrespectful and crying and screeming for his dad`s ipad all the time...mmh...I was wondering, if this boy will also screem and cry and rolling on the floor, if his later boss refuses to give him more money..funny imagination though. Additionally, we took part of some sort of "turkich winter revolution" as the kitchen ran out of "Köfte". For one Turkish-German guy that was the end of the world. I am really curious to see what would happen, if the world really stops to turn. What would he do? He seemed to have so much energy, that he himself might be able to make the world turn again. Good to know that there are people out there with so much energy. 

We finally arrived in CT and went straight to the water. We have been sailing non-stop until now and it is so good to be back and seeing everybody again! New Years Eve was though for us. After so much sailing we hardly made it until 12 o'clock. The forecast is insane. On our third day, Paternoster was firing. I payed my lessons there, but had a lot of fun. Luckily, my knee is still surfable and I hope that it will stay like that for the next two weeks.