Starting 2016 in Cape Town

As 2015 ended in Cape Town, it also began in this wonderful city. Until end of January, I am here to spend as much time as possible on the water and to discover the culture of South Africa. Since it is windy every day, the cultural part is mainly absolved in the restaurants. Until now, we have already eaten great things such as springbook carpaccio, pork belly, all kinds of sea food and ostrich, ostrich, ostrich. If you are not a vegetarian, the land of the "braai" offers a broad variability of grilled meat.  

As the weather is very strange this year - actually it is windy every day and way to hot - there are a lot of bush fires and fresh water is getting short. It is strange to surf on such a big ocean and the land is burned by the sun and the bush fires. 80 % of the bush fires are caused on purpose meaning people throw away their cigarettes, doing braai on dry grass or simple leave glass bottles at the beach or at the parking e.g. This is really frustrating, especially when you see how many glass bottles are next to the streets. As it is pretty windy, it often takes much more time to stop the bush fire.

Windsurfing-wise I am pretty happy with that trip as the conditions were great and I could learn a lot. I hope that the year continues as it has started.