Easter Time | Denmark, Spain and back home

Times goes by pretty fast this year. Mid of March we drove up North for a sweet wave session and to see some sun (it was raining in Hamburg most of the time). It was the first time for me back in the waves since Cape Town and my knee allowed me to surf for nearly two hours, which made me pretty happy. Just few days later, I flew to Southern Spain over Eastern to visit my parents. I was able to sail four days in Almerimar with starboard tack / Poniente. Actually, it is not my preferred wind direction, but waveriding-wise it is pretty fun, you learn a lot and it is always good to share the water with family and friends. Also sailing again at Club de Playa, the spot at Victor Fernandez Center, is always a lot of fun. The waves are a little bit steaper and faster than at the other spots. After one week with sun, good food and some windsurfing, I flew back to Hamburg. Work was calling. In the moment, it is not that windy over here, so I keep on training my knee, which does not feel so good at the moment. Hopefully, some easterly wind is kicking in next week: cannot wait to hit the waters of the Baltic Sea again.