June | Midsomma

This year, we are having a strange spring. It is hot on one day and it rains heavily the next day. Due to El Nino, the weather system is a little bit conceptless. So, it has not been so windy and wavy the past weeks. This is sad on the one hand as we cannot windsurf so much, but it offers also the chance to visit family and friends more often, to train in the gym and to do some yoga as well as to book flights to more windier and wavier places.  

In the past weeks, we have had some nice little freestyle session on the Elbe and some wave sessions at the Baltic Sea. Luckily, last weekend the NorthWest kicked back in Denmark. We have not been there since 3 months due to the missing NorthWest, but it was worth to drive up. Enjoying a good Klitmöller session on one day, we went to Hanstholm a day later to score some good sized waves. However, my session was quick and dirty. After a couple of runs, I decided to go into the pocket of one of those beauties, but failed badly. While carving into the cutback, I realized I am too late. Since bad decisions will always be punished, the wave smashed me and I was hit by my boom. Gutted! Having the typically chain saw massacre look, I came back to the beach. Lucky me, some people and a doctor were around helping me out and fixing my cut. Thanks for this!! No, I look like the "hunchback of Notre Dame" with my swollen eye, but this too will pass pretty fast and I am looking forward to surfing the next NorthWest storm up in the North.