Island style~~Tenerife~~

Even so I felt I could not train so much this year due to my knee and my kidneys, I decided to go back to El Medano/Tenerife, because I like this place and I wanted to see everybody again. Claudius and I went there some days before the competition, so we had some extra time to go windsurfing together and to get away from it all. It is good to leave your daily routine for a couple of days and it is a real experience to change your weekly 40h full-time job into a "semi-professional" windsurfers life! is always awesome to be guided by a samba group on the main square under your national flag. Team Germany was pretty big this year: 4 girls/women, 8 men and a lot of young guns! It is super good to see so many young,talented and motivated boys and girls, which is really good for the sport! For me, the competition did not go so well. In the single, I lost against Justyna, who was on fire and then I had to face Sarah. I put together some good wavesailing, but my jumping was and is not as good as Sarahs, so I lost again. Well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Not my best competition, but I had a lot of fun and I was super happy to see Steffi on the podium! Her waveriding is just on another level and she even defeated the legendary Daida in the single elimination. Very inspiring! Additionally, the women fleet grew together more than ever before and the level increased a lot! Everybody showed good jumping skills, which motivated me to keep on pushing my forwards even though my knee was aching again. Thanks to Colin for all his advices! If you want to learn the forward, he is the man ;)     

No, I am back in rainy Hamburg and I am looking forward to some good old "Cold Hawaii" sessions and I am motivated to improve my jumping for the upcoming events. I also like to thank my family, Claudius and my friends for all the support in the last months and during the competition. It is so nice to know that some people take a break from work to watch me wobbeling around at the live stream! Lieben Dank! Thank you! Gracias!