September vibes

September felt like the warmest and unwindiest month this year. Summer returned fully to Northern Germany and Denmark and we could spend a lot of time at the seaside or went out to restaurants in the evenings. Everybody moves outside and I really enjoy these times in Hamburg as you have the feeling that time stands still for a short time and the atmosphere is peaceful, full of joy and harmony. Could not the whole world be like that? 

Windsurfing-wise, I focused a lot of jumping since Tenerife, if we got conditions. Claudius, Felix and Stephan were never tired of motivating me on and off the water. As a result, my neck hurts a little bit since weeks, but that is a part of the game. I even had some great freestyling sessions at Meldorf, which were really fun. Finally, I got my first proper grubbys in! But the most important thing for me in September was to surf with my family and friends. My parents and my good-old friends from Kassel- Philipp and Flo- came up for a weekend. It´s always nice, if they find the time to come up to the North. Tomorrow, I will be off to Sylt. The forecast is fooling around the last days. Sometimes it looks promising, sometimes not. Well, I hope we get some conditions to play. :)