~Autumn Part I ~ PWA Sylt and other stormy sessions

Well, Sylt..again...fifth year in a row and finally some wind! It was good the organizers decided to start the event one day earlier. Therewith, we got to sail and after some years, we finally had a result in wave again! I did not have much time to prepare, lost my contact lenses 30 min before my heat and just had 5 min to get used to the current, wind and direction. I sailed pretty ok at least waveriding-wise, but did the mistake to try too long to get a better jump in. So, I lost pretty close. Since, the wind shifted to easterly directions, we could not sail a double, but enjoyed the time to the fullest...oh yeah...classic Sylt, as always! Nice to see everybody again and have one or two beers! ;)

After Sylt, I needed some freesailing on the baltic sea to free my mind. I surf because I love to windsurf. Being so close with nature fulfilles me with joy and helps me to focus on the real things in life. Real life matters! Sometimes, I got the impression that some of the aspects get lost during such events. I would love to see everybody empower each other more. As somebody who has just the oppurtunity to jump-in here and there at the tour, it is always interesting to see which things are important and which not for some fulltime-tour-participants. However, I still enjoyed it a lot and I already miss some of my people there! I hope, I see everybody again somewhere somehow in the next season! 

Wednesday, I will be off to the North again. I will take part at the danish championship at Klimöller. It will be starboard tack, which will be pretty interesting, and it will be fun! That´s something I am looking forward to: surfing with friends during my birthday-week.