Still Cold | Winter 3.0

February vibes are always the same: it is cold, it is grey and feels just the right time to escape to the South. Well, I have just been South, so I had to stay in Hamburg. Time for indoor adventures: fitness, good food, wine and remembering the nice warm and sunny evenings in South Africa and to edit a short video of the last trip to Cape Town. Nevertheless, at the weekends we also enjoyed some cold wave and freestyle session in Meldorf and Sankt Peter-Ording. It is always nice to get on the water, no matter how cold it is. It is such a nice sport to free your mind and to reset yourself. Windsurfing calms you down and in cold conditions it is perfect to focus on the important things: there is no room for unneccessary energy wasted on small and/or unimportant things. Sometimes I wish more people would have a passion, where they find their peace and harmony. That would really help to make the world a better and nicer place.