Recharging Down South | Andalucia 2017

Sometimes it is necessary to recharge your batteries... so I booked a flight to South of Spain to spend Eastern with my parents. It is always good to be in Almerimar: nice surrounding, relaxed people, good coffee and awesome weather. We surfed quite a lot, ate a lot of Tapas and drank a lot of coffee. For sure, I also squeezed in a yoga or fitness session here and there.

As the last weeks were pretty unwindy, so everybody was pretty excited about the Levante being forecasted for the week after Eastern. The wind was howling like crazy with 50kn+ and I was using my 3.0 Quad pretty often. It was one of the severest storms of the last decades and a lot of cities suffered damaged beaches, houses, etc. It is always a wired feeling being on the water and having fun, when you know that somewhere around the corner people are having trouble because of mother nature. Wind or storm is always joy for someone, while it is challenging others. The weather systems are different this year. Chasing the wind whereever and whenever I can, I have the impression that the wind systems are less constant and predictable and severe storms are hitting us more often. Are those signs of the climate change? Maybe... Additionally, the amount of waste I see while surfing the most amazing places is not getting less. I do not know what some people think, while spending their time on that great planet: maybe they just see it as a by-produc: nice to live on, but not worth to protect? There are many ways to do something for our little environment: bin your waste, do not use too many plastic products, try to avoid cosmetics with plastic or clothings with polyacrylics or eating less meat. Well, I am maybe not perfect since most windsurfing gear is made out of plastic and I am travelling a lot, but only by travelling and experiencing you get to know the beauty of the planet, which we should try to protect.