Stormy weather: Storm Sebastian and PWA Sylt

This autumn started crazy: it was either super windy or not windy at all. Claudius and I chased storm Sebastian mid of September and I participated at the PWA event at Westerland/Sylt. Surfing in storms with >60 kn is always challenging and fun. I simple like those sessions full of adrenaline, where you push your limits again a little bit further. On my way to Sylt, I dropped by at Sailloft to pick up my new sails.

The PWA event started relaxed with plenty of sun and time to get prepared. In the single, I sailed pretty ok ending up in 5th position. I was pretty happy with that. Unluckily, we had to wait three days until we were send out to sail the double elimination. The wind shifter from port tack onshore to starboard tack onshore. I love starboard tack for wave riding, but I cannot jump pretty well in those conditions. I sailed against Lena Erdil for 7th place and had an very good first wave with 6.88 pts. This year misfortune is by my side in every PWA event. On the way back out, I lost my contact lense (-6 dpt) and could hardly see the waves coming. I tried for over 10 min to get back into the water and I always ended up back on the beach gotting smached by the shore break. That was one of the most frustrating things ever. Loosing is one thing, if you can fight and give your best. But not even be able to fight and being able to show your abilities is pretty disillusioning. So I ended up in 9th position knowing I could have done better. Anyway, I still had a pretty good time at Sylt. Some close friends came over and we spend some fun days on the island.


Being absolutely frustrated, new ideas and goals came up. I did register for the DBO event and thought it would be great to sign in for the curox 1.0 (crossfit) event in Hamburg happening in November. Seeing the requirements, I thought it would be a good thing to start as pro. After reading the rulebook, I knew that his was again a pretty crazy idea. 3 more weeks to go and to train my ass off.