Road to Curox01: How to "kill" yourself in 5 easy weeks...or not?

Sometimes it is good to do something else. As I was super disappointed about my misfortune at the PWA in Sylt loosing my contact lenses during the double, I was immediately "on fire" when Joe told me about Curox - a newly designed fitness event taking place in Hamburg. It might have been due to the early morning hours and not being completely awake yet, but Joe (owner of hhometown fitness) and I signed up for the pro division. Completely stocked we opened the rule book and realized what "pro" means: pretty heavy stuff!

Curox means: you run 1 k and than you have to do a workout, which is repeated 8 times. In the end you finish with 8 k and 8 different workouts including: 1 k ski erg, 50 m sled push, 50 m sled pull, 80 m burpees broad jump (love them..), 1k rowing, 200 m Farmer`s carry, 100 m walking lunges and finally 100 wall balls. Depending on the division, the weights vary: e.g. women had to do 50 kg for the sled pull, men and pro women had to do 100 kg for the sled pull and pro men work it out with 150 kg.

Since, we just had 5 weeks left and the competition included a lot of work for the legs, we mainly focused our training on the legs and some cardio. Usually Joe wrote down a plan for the training, which simulated the competition. For me that was great, because I also had to do some workouts I usually do not like to do and it brought me out of my comfort zone more than once.

Actually, I pretty liked the idea of the training: a lot of cardio with strength endurance, which is also perfect for windsurfing.

I think, I never trained so hard and ate so much in five weeks ever: normally, I do only 2 to 3 full power sessions in one week and 2 relaxed ones. Now, I did like 5 or 6 full-power sessions per week and ate two hot full and two to three in-between meals every day. Before even doing the event, we were on the road to destroy us due to the lack of time. So, we decided to keep it a little bit easier 10 days before the event to not lose the main focus: having fun on the course.

Well, we both finished the pro division: Joe finished in epic 1h 23min as 3rd fastest in his age (overall: 35/170) and I exploded during the wallballs, which let me "only" finish in 1h 47min (overall: 30/44). Reagrding the amount of pro competitive athlets joining the event, we were pretty happy with our results and are already pretty motivated for the next year`s event.