Baltic & Mediterranean Seas

Since the last weeks have either been too cold or unwindy, I hardly went surfing on our homespots and if I went, it was just super cold with ice in the sails and in the hair. It was fun though: the water and the light is always stunning in winter times. However, slushed-iced water is only nice for about an hour. Therefore, I decided to spend some time in Southern Spain. Unluckily, the notice of race for the PWA event in Marocco just dropped in, when I already had arranged all flights to Spain. Well, could be worse ... and it went worse: I drove to the wrong airport thinking I would have to departure from Bremen. Missing my flight, I "bought an airplane" for the next day: learning by paying. In fact, that extra flight was as expensive as if I would have bought flights to the Marocco event. The time in Spain was great and it was well worth the turbulences: wind every day, nice waves, good food and some family time.